vendredi 4 juillet 2008

Call for entry for 2009

I don't forget my friends who don't speek french !
So this is the call translated :

Call for entry to the exhibition
Faster !!!

The André Malraux du Bourget cultural center organizes its third international exhibition of photography without lens (pinhole, zone-plate, sieve) around the subject of transport.

Since the dawn of time, the man looked for all the means to transport itself in a speed superior to the one than his legs allowed it. He so invented and finalized the mechanical systems, used the driving strength of elements, made machines always more successful with technological means.
So automobiles, motorcycles, buses, planes or boats transport human beings and goods worldwide with a lot of often polluting energy, while cycles, rollers, skateboards allow us to move in an often more restricted perimeter but by guaranteeing a certain purity of the air.

Choose your means of transportation and tell in a coherent sequence from five to ten images how you transport yourselves from a point to the other one.
The size, the support and the arrangement of the images is free.

The exhibition will take place from March 6th till April 25th, 2009 in the CCAM of Le Bourget.

To participate, send before December 31st, 2008, by Internet only, a file including the following details:
- Reproductions of the images such as they will appear to the exhibition. The reproductions will be numbered. Every reproduction will have to be 15 cms (5,9″) in its largest dimension in 300 dpi, .jpeg format maximal quality. The digitized images must be dusted, in RGB format for the color, in grey levels for the Black and White.
- A sketch presenting the arrangement with the number of each picture. You aren’t obliged to use frames, your pictures can be simply pasted on a rigid support or presented in the form of a roller…
- a note (format RTF or PDF) presenting (in French, English or Spanish) :
- Your Name, First name, Address,Country , and e-mail address.
- A short biography (5 lines)
- Characteristics of the pinhole-camera(s) used to create these photography (focal length, diaphragm, …)
- A short text (in French, English or Spanish) presenting your work on this subject (5 lines).
- A photography of each pinhole-cameras used, numbered in correspondence with the reproductions. This (these) image(s) will measure 7 cm (2,75″) in its greatest dimension in 300 dpi, in JPEG maximum quality.
The files not corresponding to this request will be systematically rejected.

The selected authors will be informed by e-mail only during the last two weeks of January 2009. The selected authors will have to send in January (dead line for reception : February 10th) by the post office their photographies ready to be hung on the walls.
Authors have to take all the customary precautions for a safe travel of their works so that they won’t be damaged.

The curator of the exhibition and the CCAM reserve the right to not hang on the prints which quality is not in compliance with selected files.

During the exhibition, the authors will follow on the events of the exhibition.
At the end of the exhibition, the pictures will be returned to their authors at the Townhall of Le Bourget expense.

2008, December 31th : Dead line to send the files to the following address :
2009, January 15-20: The selected authors are informed by e-mail.
2009, January 15 – February 10th : Reception of the works ready to be hung.
2009, March 6th to April 25th: Exhibition (Openning on march 6th)
2009, May-June : The works come back to their authors.

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